Blind Accessibility Testers Society

Welcome to the home of the  Blind Accessibility Testers Society.

The society was formed from a   number of conversations between   various blind people working in the accessibility industry  wanting to know  better ways to use the tools of our trade. Quickly, we realized that blind people in other roles like software  development also wanted a place to share ideas, tools, and tips on how to work as a blind professional.

At the 2016 CSUN conference on disability and technology, Birkir Gunnarsson and Lucy Greco presented a talk called Strike of the Bats to introduce others to the idea and  gauge interest in membership, and so it began.

On this site, we hope to create a rich library of tutorials and tips for how to use  technical tools and workarounds for  visual interfaces.

If you’re a blind individual that would like to  contribute to the ongoing conversation  between the bats, please subscribe to  our mailing list at:
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Welcome to our society!