Hire a BAT

Would you like to have a Bat (Blind accessibility tester) help on your next project? Are you looking for someone who can verify the accessibility of an application? Do you need to verify  the accessibility of a product a contractor told you is accessible? Maybe you’re hip to the fact that the best way to make sure your web page works for all is to have a reel person use it for you, helping you understand the accessibility holistically. If this is you, please check out our members’ profiles and find some one that is near by to help. Our members are from all over the world, and are waiting to work with you on your next project.

Please note that these profiles are not endorsed by the Blind Accessibility Testers Society. All of our profiles are posted by users directly. It is up to you to engage our users, to find a good fit.

Kerry Stamps

Web Designer / Developer

Web designer/developer with 20 years experience developing websites in WordPress.

Pranav Lal


“Pranav Lal has been working in the field of accessibility for over 10 years. He has also contributed to the first DAISY book player as a programmer and most recently to the dictationBridge project where he was the project manager and also helped write the dragon commands necessary for dictationBridge. He is familiar with python and visual basic .net and has a working knowledge of other languages such as C++.
He has conducted several accessibility related training exercises for a variety of stakeholders namely government, private industry and educational institutions.”

Lanie Molinar

Programmer and User Tester

I'm totally blind, autistic, and chronically ill. I'm a college student at Brigham Young University-Idaho online, studying for a B.S. in Software Engineering. I'm an advocate for people with multiple disabilities.

Bim Egan

Web accessibility specialist

Bim has 17 years experience of identifying accessibility issues and 20 years using screenreaders. Happy to work as a user tester or as an evaluator.

gary melconian

consultant, user, , tester

consult in project that have accessibility issues or concerns and that need to be resolved in due time.can also assist in setting up accessibility products and train in accessibility apps and products.