The bats announces our new consulting lookup

Breaking news!

Hire a bat goes live.

For years, people have been searching high and low for someone with a>
disability to test their web site, mobile application or digital documents. >Whether you are one of those people or a first timer, you need look no further; you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find our BAT profiles; profiles of blind accessibility testers who can help you.

We will be adding more profiles. Keep checking back if there is no one near enough to you to meet your needs.


Please note that we do not endorse or vet any of the people whose profiles are posted here. this is just a place for them to promote there services free of charge. The verification is between you and your BAT.

We, the BATS, feel strongly that we as blind people deserve to be payed for our skills, please do not contact any of our members with requests for free services. Accessibility improves your product so please pay the people helping you to fix it what they are worth.</p

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